Mechanical and Fabrication

Mechanical and Fabrication

Gold Coast Refractory Service also provides all forms of fabrication services, both onsite and offsite, based on whichever approach best suits your project. Our highly skilled staff can provide effective and practical solutions to all areas of your fabrication needs.

Gold Coast provides service in the following areas: piping, ducting, code and specialty welding and machining.

With Gold Coast's experience and dedication, we will endevour to meet your requirements and provide your operation with the best quality and customer service available.

To meet your project’s specific requirements, we offer:


As an industry leader, Gold Coast Refractory Service provides turn-key installations, complete refractory construction and maintenance, emergency repairs, inspections, custom pre-cast shapes, robotic demolition, shotcrete, hot gunning and refractory dry out services.

To contact Gold Coast for all your refractory needs call (562) 946-1942