Refractory Engineering

In the initial stages of the engineering phase of a refractory project, Gold Coast Refractory Service will provide essential consultation with its clients before any work has even begun. During this consultation, we will spend time to review and analyze the specific requirements of the work involved, and will consider all information relevant to your specific equipment and location.

Refractory InspectionsSpecifications will be developed, engineering drawings with detailed instructions will be created using Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) technology, materials and construction methods will be chosen and plans will be made, based on the unique requirements of each job at hand. Our active Gold Coast Refractory Service engineers are always well equipped with all the latest technology and training, which will ensure the highest quality deliverables.

Each project will be considered separately, using special installation drawings and heat loss calculations.

During this early phase of a project, Gold Coast Refractory Service is in the unique position to provide innovative and cost-effective support for all your Refractory Engineering jobs, through using our many years of practical, hands-on refractory experience, in conjunction with our skilled and knowledgeable engineering know-how.

This expert Refractory Engineering capability can cover many engineering disciplines depending on requirements, including Mechanical, Civil, Metallurgical, Chemical and Materials. We will utilize whatever type of Refractory Engineering resources are necessary for your specific project to ensure that you have detailed installation procedures, specifications, and quality control measures to incorporate into your final installation.

Gold Coast Refractory Service engineers use fundamental construction and engineering methodologies to manage projects, which will ensure project compliance with specifications, controlled expenses, decreased off-site or on-site construction time, and increased quality control.

Our Refractory Engineering capabilities include new process vessels and systems and ASME code vessels and equipment.

Gold Coast Refractory Service provides Refractory Engineering services to all kinds of industries, including aluminum foundries, forging, forest industries, heat treating, incineration, industrial boilers, mineral processing, petrochemical, power generation and cremation, etc.

Effective Refractory Engineering will allow you to manage the following things:

  • Reduce your cost
  • Save your time
  • Ensure perfect construction with excellent quality

There is a direct correlation between following this expert Refractory Engineering process and achieving successful Refractory Construction. This solid work will mean long term equipment and refractory reliability resulting in consistent customer service. In addition, Gold Coast Refractory Service is well-equipped with people, tools, equipment and technology to turn Refractory Engineering into Refractory Construction anywhere and anytime.

As an industry leader, Gold Coast Refractory Service provides turn-key installations, complete refractory construction and maintenance, emergency repairs, inspections, custom pre-cast shapes, robotic demolition, shotcrete, hot gunning and refractory dry out services.

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